5th November 2023

Leadership is an issue in our world today: home, work, society, church. Two of our readings are quite stark critiques—the priests in the temple and the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. There’s plenty to reflect on for us today. Jesus does offer an alternative and we see that alternative in action in the second reading. Paul was a passionate pastor, who clearly loved those he served and gave himself fully to them and for them. He could be upset, as well, and angry at times, but always because he cared so deeply. For most of us not in leadership, the question is how can we help those in leadership to fulfil their role in a gospel manner? Love our neighbour. Love is not only the truth about human beings but also the truth about God, who is love itself.


Good shepherd, bless the shepherds who care for us in your name. Help us also to know how we can enable truly Christian leadership in our time.

K O’Mahony OSA