Family History

We are planning to put some family history stories on this page from at home and abroad, from good people who have contacted our website – Webmaster

Rosalie Bridget Hart Priour 1825-1903

The following is a small excerpt from this amazing Emigrant’s story with a foreword by her Great Great Granddaughter:

When I read that the website director for the church my Irish ancestors attended was interested in stories about the families who used to live there and had emigrated to other countries I was eager to share the story written by Rosalie Hart Priour, my great-great grandmother. Her father was Captain of the Water Guard at Roche’s Point, the entrance to Cork Harbor, in the 1800′s. They went to Texas after they left Cork. Grandmother Rosalie’s book contains some interesting stories about life in your part of Ireland in those days. Although she was very young when they first moved to the little fortress at Roche’s Point she remembered very clearly the beauty and excitement of their years in Cork. Our family has always been very proud of our Irish heredity and hope that you will enjoy reading some of my great-great grandmother’s memoirs.

Catherine Elisabeth Klein Keblinger

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The Dorneys of Blackrock

An Emigrants Story

This story which begins in Blackrock, comes all the way from Ballina in New South Wales, Australia

Lynne writes: ‘My journey to Blackrock started many years ago when I decided I wanted to know about my ancestors. Who were these people and what made them travel from their own homeland to a strange country across the other side of the earth?’

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