18th December 2022

In a culture where God is, apparently, absent, it may sound strange to hear words such as “Do not be afraid” and “God is with us.” Such assurances are at the heart our biblical faith from start to finish. Everyone who is anyone in the Bible is told not to be afraid. And the assurance “I will be with you” is found throughout starting with the very name of God in Ex 3:14, I am who I am. The God—in whom we live and move and have our being—is there all along, whether we are aware of it or not. Faith is the moment of discovery and recognition.


You are with us always: you are with us in creation in all its splendour, in our fellow human beings in all their generosity, you are with us in the quiet where we are alone with you. Amen.

Kieran O’Mahony, OSA