14th January 2024

It is good to stop from time to time and ask myself, what am I looking for? This can be answered in the ideal: “what do I think I should be looking for?” or in the real: “what do I actually want as evidenced by my choices and actions?” To move from one to the other we need the grace of dissatisfaction. In the words of Augustine, “You must be dissatisfied with the way you are now, if you ever want to get to where you are not yet.”

(Sermon 169)


Shake us up, Lord, and help us to see ourselves as we truly are, often settling for less, for the moderately good and the reasonably faithful. Give us a longing for more, for all you have in store for us, and on the way bless us with exhilaration that we may be joyful bearers of your Good News. Amen.Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

K O’Mahony OSA