31st January 2020

How often do we meet people whose words and deeds match? Sometimes at least, but it may be rare enough. In the old expression, when all is said and done, more is said than done. Jesus is a teacher with authority — not the authority of position or force but power from within. This is suggested by the Greek word for authority exousia, from within (my) being. Even today, there are religious leaders who speak from within, whose word is genuine, whose deeds match what they say. These are the one we listen to; these are the ones we would love to be like.


Loving God, you love us wholly and your desire is that we become both whole and holy. Help us to take the Good News to heart. May we become fully mature in Christ, so that our inner and outer selves are one.  Through Christ our Lord. Amen

K O’Mahony OSA