28th March 2021

There is a core similarity between the four accounts of the death of Jesus in the New Testament. However, they differ in sequence and in details, allowing various understandings of the cross to unfold. Because the death of Jesus was and is such a deeply mysterious and indeed perplexing event, different dimensions are explored and laid bare by different New Testament writers. None is more stark than Mark’s Gospel: all who knew Jesus have failed him; his only “helper” is a complete outsider, Simon, the unknown passer-by. The only acknowledgment comes from the unnamed Gentile soldier, accidentally present.


O Lord, we tell again of the death of your Messiah, Jesus the Christ. In his story, we see the story of your love as you reach out to us in the darkness of tragic death and tremendous suffering. Touch our hearts again with your compassionate love that we may be returned to you with all our hearts.

K O’Mahony OSA