19th November 2023

What does God desire of us? This simple question is perhaps not asked frequently enough! It can be made quite personal: what does God want of me, from me? In the end, the answer has to be—in the words of the song—“all that I am,” precisely because God loves all that I am. This will mean allowing ourselves to be loved. It will also mean responding with my whole self, including all the gifts of body, mind and soul that God has bestowed upon me. In the end, God does hope that we may be and become our true selves. Nothing less is adequate to God’s own love for us.


We are truly grateful to you, God our creator and redeemer, for your many gifts. We ask your help that we may use all you have given us for your glory and for the good of our neighbour. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

K O’Mahony OSA