13th November 2022

When the news from the Middle East—the cradle of civilisation and faith—is so consistently dreadful, our dismay can easily devolve into despair. What about all the innocent lives lost? What of the old, the new-born, the newlyweds and so on? The devastation can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling both powerless and furious. And yet, at the centre of our faith is a deep conviction that the forces of evil and destruction are not, and will not be, the final word. Yes, it is terrible; but no, it is not the last word. God’s faithfulness in Christ’s resurrection assures us and invites us too to the same witness of fidelity, even against the odds.


God of peace, in our time we hear of wars and rumours of wars. Help us not to fear, not to lose hope, but to trust you, our Rock, our only hope.

Kieran O’Mahony, OSA