11th December 2022

Joy in believing might seem an “extra” in today’s challenging climate for faith. Many of us struggle simply to hold on, not to mention being exuberant about it all. And yet, of course there is deep happiness in faith. First of all, everything around is a gift and behind all the gifts stands a giver. Secondly, love is at the heart of it all and, in the faith, nothing is ever “lost” or “wasted.” Faith, hope and love endure and the greatest of these is love. Finally, why not “permit” ourselves true joy in all that God has done for us and still does for us in Jesus and in the Holy Spirit?


We believe, loving God, that you take delight in all you have made. Open up in us again the springs of joy, that we may delight in you, our true joy.

Kieran O’Mahony, OSA