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Thought for the Day ~ 24th May 2020

Expectedly, very far away worlds can seem familiar. Such is the case with the world of our second reading (and perhaps our Gospel): an intense community, factions within, pressures from outside, different “versions” of the faith, not always reliable leadership, the departure of members, perhaps some significant. Questions arise. What has happened? Who are we? What do we hold on to? Where should we turn? What should we do? The faraway world of 1 Peter and even John’s Gospel seems suddenly recognisable to us today. Their message is simply: keep to the heart of the proclamation, Christ our life; keep loving each other; trust the Holy Spirit; it is not our project but God’s!

Remind us again, loving God, of the great events that give us new life in Christ. Rekindle the gift of the Holy Spirit within each and within all.
K O’Mahony OSA