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Thought for the Day ~ 18th October 2020

The community of faith — the church — does not exist of and for itself. We belong to the church because of God’s own mission to all of humanity. As we share this mission, we recognise that the project is not “ours” in a double sense. It is God’s project, first and foremost. Even more, the Spirit is already at work ahead of us in everything and everyone. Our missionary task is more nuanced: as we recognise the Spirit at work in our own lives, we hope to help others come to the same realisation and ownership, the same love and hope.

God, Father, Son and Spirit: show us how to be bearers of your mission, your love, your Good News in our time. May we live wholeheartedly what we have received that others may be drawn to your embrace. Amen.
K O’Mahony OSA