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Thought for the Day ~ 12th May 2019

The cultural dismissal of faith as illusory consolation or opium has left its mark on us all. Is it all projection? Has God truly spoken and revealed God’s self? In Christian faith, our response is a resounding yes and, while we should be wary of facile solace, at the same time we should not deny ourselves the good and wholesome reassurance of faith. After all, one of the most repeated phrases throughout the Bible is “Do not the afraid” (though not in John, curiously). There are grounds for fear; but we, of all people, should not be overwhelmed by the negative.
Lord Jesus, risen from the dead, guide us to listen deeply to your voice, your word, that we may know you and, that knowing you, we may enjoy life in abundance, now and into eternity with you. Amen.
K. O’Mahony OSA