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Welcome to the Celebration of Sunday Mass ~ Important Guidelines 24th July 2020

Welcome to the celebration of Sunday Mass
To maximise the number of people that can join us for the celebration of Mass, we have made a number of changes to both the church, and to how we celebrate Mass so that we comply with HSE guidelines and keep everyone safe.

• We have designated the back and front as two separate sections which has allowed us increase the numbers in the church to 100. It is critical that people do not move between these 2 sections.
• As you enter and exit the church, can you please use the hand sanitiser and wear a mask if possible.
• We have reduced the number of pews in the church so that there is now a metre between each row with every second row being utilised. We have placed yellow spots to highlight where people should sit.
• These are spaced a minimum of 2 metres apart and it is required you sit on these spots.
• Unfortunately, if there are no yellow spots available, it indicates that the church has reached the maximum allowed capacity.
• We will continue to stand for the “Gospel” and “Our Father”. We ask that you do not kneel-down at anytime as it compromises the distance between people.
• We also ask that the congregation not to join in the singing, as it facilitates the spreading of droplets.
• There will be no sign of peace.
• The collection will be taken at the doors as you enter/exit the church and your support is very much appreciated.

Distribution of Communion:
• Ministers of the Eucharist will be positioned at the top and centre of the church. The Ministers will wear face masks and we ask that you maintain 2 metres distance in the line.
• We ask that you come up the centre aisle and down the side aisles.
• Those seated in the centre seats should come for communion first (via the centre aisle) starting from the back row and then in sequence with the top row last.
• Once the centre seats are finished, those in the side seats should come up (via the centre aisle), starting with the front rows and then in sequence, with the bottom row last.
Exiting the church:
• Back Section:
o Side seats to Exit first – followed by centre seats.
o 2 doors will be open.

• Front section – use side door – Exit as follows:
o Left Row (nearest exit)
o Left Centre
o Right Centre
o Right Row.
Many thanks for your help and we hope you all keep well.