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Changes in the Diocese of Cork & Ross ~ April 2019

Changes in the Diocese of Cork & Ross
Bishop John Buckley has served the Diocese of Cork & Ross faithfully for 21 years.
Having a very strong pastoral touch – visiting hospitals, turning up to console families at a time of bereavement – he showed his care for people by being with them on many other social gatherings. He was always relaxed and showed ready wit and humour.
At Confirmations, Bishop John was always patient and kind. His many Pastoral Letters showed his very competent and acute mental power, combined with Christian charity.
Being he is a proud Corkman; he supported all Cork teams of different codes.
With the recent turmoil in the Church in general, he had a capable hand on the tiller in those difficult times, being a very caring and capable leader – a true Shepherd.
Bishop Buckley pledges his support for his successor, Bishop-elect Fintan Gavin, and in that, he will have a wise counselor.
We wish him well in his retirement.

New Bishop appointed to Cork & Ross
Pope Francis has appointed Fr Fintan Gavin, who has extensive pastoral experience, to be the new Bishop of Cork & Ross.
Fr Fintan Gavin succeeds Bishop John Buckley who will be 80 in November and has headed up one of Ireland’s largest dioceses since 1997, catering for 220,000 people across 68 parishes.
Prior to the announcement, Fr Gavin has been serving as Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Dublin and is a member of the Case Management Committee of the National Board for Safeguarding of Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland.
He has worked closely with young adults through gospel choirs, World Youth Day and the “Second Chance Saturday” initiative which encourages those who have drifted from the Church to give their faith a second chance, reaching out through street ministry and hospitality.
The 53-year-old has a doctorate in canon law from the Gregorian University in Rome and is fluent in Italian and Spanish. Bishop-elect Gavin was born in Dublin on New Year’s Day 1966. He is the second eldest of seven brothers and sisters.