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Bishop Buckley issued a Pastoral Letter some weeks ago on ‘THE RIGHT TO LIFE’

Now, a follow-up letter from Bishop John – comments on some issues and misinformation that have been brought to his attention.
A copy of the Bishop’s latest letter is available at the back of the Church after Mass
The following is a summary of the main points
Some people fail to accept the humanity of the unborn and consequently their right to life.
Modern technology allows us to see images of the baby’s heart beating at 21 days after conception.
It is said that those who support life are not compassionate.
Compassion is not one-sided. Ending the life of the innocent child in the womb cannot be described as compassionate.
Compassion means that we look after both mother and child. Under the provisions of the 8th Amendment, no treatment is ever denied to an expectant mother, even if such treatment should result in the unavoidable death of the baby in the womb.
The Church has always taught that abortion is gravely wrong.
If you vote Yes, you are actually voting for abortion.
The question before us is quite clear: Do we want abortion on demand for any reason up to 12 weeks, and abortion without restriction up to birth?
* If we vote Yes, the right to life in the Constitution will be replaced by the right to end the life of an innocent person.
*** It is essential we vote NO if we are to build a truly compassionate society that values life.
A copy of the Bishop’s latest letter is available at the back of the Church