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Blackrock is a village and suburb contained within Cork City. It began as a small fishing village about five kilometres from Cork City but the growth of the city has meant the village became incorporated into the city. Blackrock has a rich GAA tradition and is famous for producing some of the association’s most recognisable names.

The present St. Michael’s stands on the site of a church of the same name which served Blackrock from 1822 to 1962.

St Michael’s Church

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Sunday: 9:00am, 11:00am

Saturday: 10:00am, 6:00pm (Vigil)

Weekdays: 10:00am, *7:30pm

Working Holydays: 10:00am, *7:30pm

Confessions: Saturday after 10am Mass and before 6pm Mass

* Mass only on Church Holidays, during Holy Souls Novena in November.


Our Parish